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What Is Asianda Self Service Payment Kiosk

- Mar 22, 2021 -

The main response is that in 2021. the post- epidemic era, people are accustomed to self-service, keep social distancing, and more people choose unmanned payment services.

I believe many people have seen some self payment products in McDonald's, KFC, and large supermarkets. The  self-order kiosk fast food main feature is that it can help people reduce the time spent in queuing, have a faster shopping experience, keep a social distance, and reduce crowding. This is the performance of the end users. In China, you can find dozens of suppliers for this kind of products, what Asianda can provide?

Here, it is the 24inch self service payment kiosk which design by our team.

self service payment kiosk

From the appearance point of view, we chose the 24 inch display solution.  that is currently the most used on the market, because compared to the 32 inch size, the overall size of the machine is too large, and many external devices are too far from the center point.

 It is not convenient to use. Our Self payment kiosk focuses on the interaction between humans and machines, and requires a more convenient and a little big screen to view content. The small size of 21.5 inches is a little small to display information. Because when we are shopping in the supermarket and making payment, we will find that the screen is small and the displayed content is relatively small, sometimes the information is not clear. So that’s why we use 24inch.

The screen is covered with a capacitive 10-point touch glass, and it is Glass +Glass mode, we call it G+G. G+G is famous for its good durability and smooth operation feel. It is a better type of capacitive touch screen. mostly used in mobile phones and tablets, smart homes, industrial control, car GPS and other equipment, while G+G capacitive touch screens adopts the full bonding of touch screen/display/tempered glass to give people a better visual sense, and the ten-point touch function is also very popular.

Payment Kiosk

The advantages of G+G are mainly mentioned in the following 5 aspects:

1. Advantage one of G+G capacitive screen: hard and durable. 

2. The second advantage: corrosion resistance.

3. The third advantage: high light transmittance.

4. The fourth advantage of the G+G capacitive screen: the control feels smooth.

5. Advantage 5 of G+G capacitive screen: high reliability. 

self Payment Kiosk

Within an elbow (about 40cm) in the center of the screen, we set up a 58mm thermal printer, a QR code scanner, and a POS machine. The thermal printer is placed on the left-hand side. Compared with other parts that require more right-hand operations, the receipt only needs to be taken away when you leave, so placing it on the left-hand side can reduce the impact on other parts. This printer is equipped with a hidden opening. When the paper needs to be changed daily, the front door can be opened by the key.


We use the key from here, it is easy to change the paper. Of course, must use the key, which also ensures that the device will not be easy adjust by others in public places. Compared with many printers open from back side to replace paper solutions, this front replacement paper solution can reduce the requirements for the installation environment and area, and meet more different customer needs. For example, some customers need to hang on the wall, or set it on the edge of a narrow corridor.

The touchpay kiosk can support a printing length of 100KM. If a roll of thermal printing paper is 100m in length and two rolls of paper need to be changed a day, then it can support 1,000 rolls of paper and 500 days of continuous work. It is easy to get that is almost two years. Including free time and other equipment sharing, the normal working time of each printer is 3 years. Also According to customer needs, we can provide full-cut and half-cut paper output methods. At present, the half-cut method is more popular because it is easier to take the small ticket. This cutter supports 1 million cuts. At present, the paper width supported by this printer is 58mm, and it can print four fonts, FONT A & B are English fonts.

The position of the POS machine is set on the right side, because most people are used their right-hand to input, which conforms to the human biological design. The entire area is 100*160mm, compatible with most POS machines on the market. Of course, because we have a research and development team, structural engineers. So we also supports customized modification. It can also be replaced with NFC card reading area.

The middle part consists of two units. One is an anti-peeping mirror used with a POS machine, which can ensure that the user can easily observe the situation behind and around when entering a password, and protect the safety of his property.

The bottom part is a scanning camera that support barcodes and QR codes on paper, screen, plastic and other carriers. Able to read codes quickly and stably in complex environments. It also With LED indicator light, it can illuminate the carrier in the dark environment. Support the inclination angle of plus or minus 55 degrees, 4cm to 20cm readable distance. The barcode can support 24 kinds code such like UPC-A, UPC-E and 4 kinds of QR codes, such as QR and MICROQR etc

The Built-in system, the standard version is Android, you can choose RK3288 or RK3399. Of course, what most customers need is a WINDOWS system, which can be i3, i5, i7 or an external solution of your own.

Let us move to the side, you can see that the whole machine is very light and thin, and the weight of the whole machine is only 18kgs. Whether it is hanging on the wall alone or work with your equipment, it only takes up a very small space. In addition, the multiple fixed spaces on the back support below the standard VESA, which can be easily compatible with your other equipment.

It should be noted that this machine does not contain retail software. At present, the software we show is only for demonstration purposes and is not provided for free.

Of course, we also have another conventional model with the same equipment and functions as the 24-inch self service bill payment kiosk. It's just that the appearance chooses the popular scheme currently on the market. The overall design is flat and thick.

At present, both two appearances are in stable stocking, welcome to place orders.